Friday, December 31, 2010

A food dilemma

With every new year, comes the hope that the next year will be better, more productive, more exciting, more........everything. One thing I am always wanting to improve is my weight and eating habits.......I'm sure most women can relate. This year I have even more incentive. My daughter. I so want her to have a healthy self image and a good sense of moderation. I want her to enjoy food! I want her to love what she eats and to eat well. I find that so many women, myself included, view food in a negative light. I fight the urge to over indulge and to then fight the urge to starve myself when I do. It's an awful cycle and one I want to stop with my little girl.

For this reason, I've decided that from this point forward, I will refuse to diet. If Evalynn is going to learn healthy eating habits, I need to be setting the example. If I'm going to not allow her to snack on bread slathered in butter and chips and cookies, I can't either. So here's to the New Year and and all the delicious food it will hold.

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OurNotebook said...

I love you April! Good for you! I feel you can enjoy food and eat healthy without having to diet! Exercise is awesome too, and in most cases FREE! I am glad for your example to your daughter and for me. Lots of love!