Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life File: 02.18.2012

- I went to my first spin class in YEARS! Felt good.....humbling, but good.
- Evalynn is officially off her pacifier!!!!
- We got the treat of having Nefertari over for Valentines Day dinner. We had a lovely dinner of crepes and then she spoiled us with French pastries for dessert.
- Last night, Cole, one of Jon's oldest friends from Chama, brought us dinner......homemade Green Chili Enchiladas...yum.....I am now starting to realize why my jeans feel tighter this week.
-I got to see my little girl in the sweetest skirt that once belonged to her Grandmother. Note the picture below
-We signed up for a small group at a local church here.....feels good.
-Seeing Eva get excited for storytime and act out all the songs like a pro.
-Watching my little lady perform mini dance routines in a coffee shop. Gosh, I love the carefree nature of children!
-Having a long weekend with my wonderful little family all to myself.
-Enjoying farmers markets, playdates, and MOPS meetings

-My jeans feel tighter......though I will say, it was worth it:)
-Eva woke up with a low-grade fever today. Yuck.
-Our house has stupid wiring for electronics.

Aaaaaahhhhhh life. How was yours? Overall, it's been a great week. Our calender is definitely starting to fill up with weekly activities. It gives me a sense of normalcy I have definitely craved over the past year......though it's scary to see how quickly life can get if you allow it as well. Let the balancing act begin!