Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treating Bahrain style

Who would have thought.....Halloween in Bahrain! The community Jon lives in put on a trick or treat event last night, so we dressed Eva up and hit a few homes up for treats :) Eva was not quite sure a the beginning, looking around at all the kids in a mixture of fear and awe. Once she figured out that we were going to houses to get treats, though she quickly warmed to the idea. She started saying, "treat, treat" at every pumpkin and lit house we passed. We didn't stay out long, but it had fun seeing her figure it all out.

She Sings!

Evalynn and I have been visiting Jon in Bahrain this past month. It's been amazing and healing and rejuvenating and relaxing. we've really been low key for the most part, trying to establish what life as a family is like again. One of the things we've really been focusing on lately is music. Now.....Evalynn has always been a singer, but lately, she's taken it to new heights. She's starting to put words into the tunes and twirls around and asks to dance and uses lots of hand motions. It melts my heart EVERY time! She sings in the car, while walking, around the house.....anywhere and everywhere has become her stage. It's a beautiful thing to see and hear!