Monday, March 5, 2012

Life File: 03.05.2012

We've had a good few weeks since I last posted are a few highlights.

- Hearing Evalynn say "I love you"
- Chatting with Eva about little things like how Pooh gets stuck in a tree and eats bees. I love reliving her memories with her. I cherish these moments.
- Monterey has been experiencing picture perfect weather the past few days. Upper 60s to lower 70s....Beautiful!
- Eva has finished day one of Potty Training. We are going cold turkey.....big girl underwear all the way, morning, nap and night. Though we've been building up to this moment, this was the first day sans diaper completely. I'm trying to follow a training program that says you can have your child trained in three days....hhhmmmmmm....we shall see. She's had her ups and downs....getting rid of one's diaper is scary stuff! But overall, I can say we ended on a high note. I may take that last statement back when I wake up in the morning, but for now, I'm just very proud of my BIG, little girl:)
-having a healthy house again! Eva and I were fighting a few bugs a few weeks ago, but we are all better....yay!
-Getting to design the MOPS newsletter. It's proving to be a great creative outlet already and I'm not even done with the first one. I'm sure that when the ladies see it next week, they will think I went overboard, but hey, do what you love and I LOVE photoshop:)

-Hearing of my old roommates dog passing away. Dear Roxy, you will be missed greatly. You were a sweet, lovable girl and I'm so glad I had you as a housemate for almost four years.
-Potty Training....though overall, it's been good....there have been a couple very sad moments. One being where Eva pleaded with us to let her stop having to go potty. Poor girl. That was a rough spot.
-Figuring out how to deal with Evalynn throwing things in anger. We are trying so hard to deal with it wisely, but nothing seems to be making a lasting impact. I can only hope and pray that something is sinking in and will present itself soon in the form of more patience and grace on all our parts.


lauren said...

sad!! Roxy passed away? She was the sweetest boxer out there. if you talk to julian, send him my best!

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