Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life File: 02.18.2012

- I went to my first spin class in YEARS! Felt good.....humbling, but good.
- Evalynn is officially off her pacifier!!!!
- We got the treat of having Nefertari over for Valentines Day dinner. We had a lovely dinner of crepes and then she spoiled us with French pastries for dessert.
- Last night, Cole, one of Jon's oldest friends from Chama, brought us dinner......homemade Green Chili Enchiladas...yum.....I am now starting to realize why my jeans feel tighter this week.
-I got to see my little girl in the sweetest skirt that once belonged to her Grandmother. Note the picture below
-We signed up for a small group at a local church here.....feels good.
-Seeing Eva get excited for storytime and act out all the songs like a pro.
-Watching my little lady perform mini dance routines in a coffee shop. Gosh, I love the carefree nature of children!
-Having a long weekend with my wonderful little family all to myself.
-Enjoying farmers markets, playdates, and MOPS meetings

-My jeans feel tighter......though I will say, it was worth it:)
-Eva woke up with a low-grade fever today. Yuck.
-Our house has stupid wiring for electronics.

Aaaaaahhhhhh life. How was yours? Overall, it's been a great week. Our calender is definitely starting to fill up with weekly activities. It gives me a sense of normalcy I have definitely craved over the past year......though it's scary to see how quickly life can get if you allow it as well. Let the balancing act begin!


OurNotebook said...

Eva looks adorable:)

Maureen Dennis Schein said...

I can't imagine that the skirt looked that cute on me! Every time I see a picture of her, I realize where a part of my heart is, and why it hurts! She is such a blessing.