Thursday, January 28, 2010

The joys hiccups of being a newborn

The movie "Groundhog Day" has been running through my head the past few days. It's what life has felt like for the past few weeks since having Little Evalynn home. Eat, sleep, walk and bounce, eat, sleep, walk and bounce. Ha- you are never quite prepared for having a newborn in the much as anyone might tell you to "enjoy your sleep while you can" and "life will never be the same", until you have your child in your arms, does the reality of it all truly sink in for a parent.

I don't know how to describe the love I have for this little person, but it's a powerful thing. Powerful enough for me to wake up multiple times in the night to check on her sleeping, strong enough to bring tears to my eyes when she lays her head on my chest, and big enough to know that I would rather bring hurt to myself than see her suffering in any way.

Evalynn has been such a source of joy these past few weeks, though we've had a difficulties as well. The poor thing wasn't getting enough from strictly nursing, so we've had to start supplementing and pumping. I'm praising God though, because as of yesterday, she's surpassed her birth weight (finally!) and is feeling more content now that her belly is getting more food. We're slowly getting used to sleeping in 2-3 hours stints, and I'm learning that every child truly is unique and it's OK if mine does not act exactly like the books tell me she should be acting.

Onto month two and whatever that may bring us! Until then, here are a few pictures from Evalynn's past month of life. Enjoy!


Kim said...

Congratulations Jonathan and April!! She is absolutely beautiful and I/we LOVE her name!!!! Isn't the gift of a child the most amazing thing ever?

Keep listening to your heart vs what you read/hear when it comes to providing what is best for Evalynn. Not that the literature can't be helpful, but craft it as needed to fit your daughter and your family. (Sadly, I learned of this fact later than I would have liked...)

Enjoy the new chapter in your lives and keep on posting new photos!!

Love, Kim

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jonathan and April!! She is absolutely beautiful and I know you guys will do a wonderful job of raising her. Just do what you think is best for her and you will do fine.
- Austin Dunbar