Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swimming Struggles

Now, I know that I'm out of shape, but yesterday brought me to a new level of humility. I decided to go swimming last night which is something I haven't made time for in the past few months. I was expecting to be slower than normal, but when the pre-teen swim club started to pass me up in the lanes next to me, I had to face the blinding reality that I need to get my bum (Canadian lingo) back into working out! I would swim 100 meters at a time and then pretend I was stretching( ie: my arms and legs felt like 50lb weights were attached to them and I needed to give them a reprieve) Looks like I'm going to be heading to the pools a bit more often now

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Choco Girl said...

From one April to another..you look great! How exciting that you're preggo! *sigh* congratulations!